Amazing vintage ad I found in a 1950s Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Seeing this, it may be tempting to think “oh those curve-loving days of yore when Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 (or 18 or 10 or whatever the number floating around is) and could still be in show business! Things were better then!” But if you look at the woman in the “after” picture, she is still, let’s face it, pretty thin. More plumped up than the “before” picture, but nowhere near plus sized. 

I think what this ad shows is the change in attitudes towards very skinny bodies. Back then there was such a thing as “too thin”. But now? I don’t think that there is. The “before” woman is basically a pro-ana poster child. I know that there are many women who want to be that thin and have that thigh gap. Thigh gaps you guys!!!

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